Our Education Evolution

In 2007 there was never a greater need for individuals to have current and updated skills to keep their jobs, advance, or start new employment. We saw this need and knew we wanted to do something about it. There had to be a better way to teach individuals other than training seminars, and to extend this education all over the world. This is when KnowledgeCity was created. We came up with the idea to record the training courses and offer them online so that anyone, anywhere in the world, could get the training they needed 24/7.

Our Mission

It became our mission to offer accessible and affordable training to anyone wanting to update their knowledge and become their own Success Story!

Keep Learning, Keep Evolving

As of 2017, KnowledgeCity offers over 10,000 video tutorials in Business Skills, Computer Software, and Safety Compliance with new additions monthly. From individuals looking to update their skills, to corporations, government agencies, schools, and others organizations looking to train their employees; KnowledgeCity offers a training solution that is not only affordable and cost-effective, but also constantly evolving.

Users all over the world are moving ahead with the knowledge and skills learned at KnowledgeCity. What’s stopping you from learning? The time is now to become: Your Own Success Story!

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