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Bringing Presentations Alive (US version)

Bringing Presentations Alive (US version)
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Course Overview

Inspire your audience and make your key messages count! With our kitbag of techniques and tips, you’ll add power and impact to your presentations and learn how to open and close with style and panache.

Key Learning Points:

  • Add power to your words
  • Limit your content
  • Lay emphasis on the key words
  • How to start with a strong opening

Course Outcomes:

  • Understand how to select appropriate words to connect to your audience
  • Restrict words to a minimum without losing the sense of your message
  • Engage with different methods of thought
  • Investigate and use different techniques to fit your audience and message
  • Understand the difference between low and high impact openings and closings
  • Adopt the INTRO mnemonic for a strong opening and the STØP mnemonic for a memorable and effective close

Target Audience

All employees