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MS Outlook 2016: Intermediate

MS Outlook 2016: Intermediate
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In the course MS Outlook 2016: Intermadiate, you will learn to use the Calendar folder to plan different appointments, the Tasks folder to monitor all your duties and the Notes folder to write down any ideas that come to your mind. In the Journal folder, you will record the details about various actions. You will also learn to manage your contacts and send message to them. You will work with address books and you will learn to print the individual items from the entire mail client.


  • People view
  • Creating and printing contacts
  • Managing contacts
  • Attaching contacts to messages
  • Address Book
  • Contact group
  • Calendar
  • Creating all-day events
  • Recurring appointments
  • Editing appointments and events
  • Managing Calendar items
  • Sending your Calendar
  • Tasks
  • Managing tasks
  • Journal
  • Managing the Journal
  • Notes