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Communication Skills

Communication Skills
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Oh no. It's happened again. You ordered the chicken chasseur, but you've been brought a fish stew. You really need to work on your language skills before you come on holiday. Are you just going to eat it, or cluck and flap your arms AGAIN to try and make the waiter understand since you've forgotten the local word for 'Chicken'?

You just know the waiter understood you the first time too. Embarrassing.

Thankfully, are other ways of communicating. Clear communication and advances in technology can help you avoid situations like this, and when it comes to communicating both locally and internationally at work, you need to stay ahead of the game. This short course covers the different types of communication (verbal, nonverbal, aural, visual, written) and looks at the role that modern technology such as translation apps and speech recognition software play in keeping everyone on the same page

What does this course cover?

  • The 5 components of successful communication
  • The importance of clear communication
  • Can technology help us communicate better?

Why take this course

Any professional would benefit from this course- effective communication is a key life skill. Within the workplace, this would especially benefit those within the Learning & Development team as well as sales workers.

Time is precious, and most things that you do will be time-critical. If you've ever had to repeat yourself to be understood, ever received something other than what you've asked for or accidentally upset someone, then you should brush up on your communication skills. Good communication is vital in boosting productivity and efficiency as well increasing morale in your workforce.