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Excel 2007 Beginner

Excel 2007 Beginner
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Who it's For:

Office workers, business people, teachers, support staff, and anyone who wants to use the computer to track, figure out, and report information.

What it is:

Excel is the world's most popular spreadsheet program. Millions of people use it to track, store, arrange and calculate data.

What You'll Learn:

Our Excel course is designed for beginners and advanced users alike. Students learn how to easily work with data and use Excel's hidden features. You'll learn about spreadsheet design, manipulating data, and about how to utilize the world's most popular business tool.


Excel 2007 Beginner Part 1

  • Introduction to Excel
  • Navigating Worksheets
  • Quick Access Toolbar
  • Customize Quick Access Toolbar
  • Interactive Guide to the Ribbon
  • Navigating a spreadsheet
  • Save-As choices
  • Convert 2003 to 2007 format
  • Select multiple cells
  • Undo
  • Review
  • Numbers vs Math
  • New Workbook file
  • Build New Workbook
  • Entering Data
  • Format Numbers and Text
  • Bad Formulas
  • Autofill Formulas
  • Functions
  • Compatibility Checker
  • Save the file
  • Relative vs Absolute References
  • Auto Fill Tricks
  • Fill several cells at once

Excel 2007 Beginner Part 2

  • Sum, Max, Min
  • Entering Formula
  • Autofill Functions
  • Function vs. Formula
  • Insert row, fix formulas
  • Columns
  • Move & copy data
  • Copy & Paste
  • Insert Sheet
  • Autofill a Series
  • Autofill Numbers
  • Cell Formatting
  • Number Formats
  • Formatting Text
  • Format as Table
  • Templates
  • Formatting Multiple Sheets
  • Copying Entire Sheets
  • Spell-check
  • Convert Table to Range
  • Freeze Panes
  • More Freezing Panes
  • Page Layout View
  • Repeating Rows
  • Page Setup