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Developing in C# - 01. Introduction to C#

Developing in C#  - 01. Introduction to C#
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What is .NET?

1. .NET is Microsoft's strategic platform for developing enterprise systems for the modern era.

  • ASP.NET Web applications.
  • Mobile applications.
  • Console applications.

2. .NET recognizes and addresses the traditional difficulties facing application developers.

  • Language interop- VB6, VC6, ASP, WinSDK.
  • Deployment difficulties - DLL's.

What new programming languages are offered in .NET?

  • C# - Similar to Java and C++.
  • Visual Basic - Like VB6 but an Object Orientation approach.
  • C++/CLI - New keywords that allow you to write in C++ for .NET.
  • F# - Functional programming language.

Why C#?

  • Syntax more like C++ and Java.
  • Syntax very concise.
  • Designed for object orientation - Started with a clean slate, Everything is an object.

The goals behind C#?

  • Simple - Few Keywords.
  • Safe - Find bugs early in development process.
  • Internet Centric - Designed for developing web programs.
  • Hi Performance - Designed for industrial strength programming.


  • Developing in C# - 1. Introduction to C#