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Workplace Discrimination, Harassment and Bullying for Employees

Workplace Discrimination, Harassment and Bullying for Employees
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This dynamic, engaging and comprehensive program lets employees and contractors understand the principles of equal employment opportunity legislation and anti bullying guidelines and their application in the workplace.

Drawing on iHR Australia’s experience as one of Australia’s leading workplace investigations companies, this program has a strong focus on the role each team member has in the prevention and reporting of incidents in their workplace.


  • Module 1 introduces the importance of laws and policies related to behaviour in the workplace;
  • Module 2 focuses on the laws related to discrimination and their application in the workplace;
  • Module 3 covers unlawful harassment in the workplace;
  • Module 4 provides an insight into workplace bullying and the impacts it has on individuals and the team;
  • Module 5 covers how and where to make complaints; and
  • Additional Resources: Information Library, Video Clips, Assessment and Activities.

Learning Outcomes

  • Demonstrate a high level understanding of what constitutes workplace discrimination, harassment and bullying and the overarching laws and guidelines;
  • Understand the potential impacts inappropriate behaviour has on individuals and the team;
  • Demonstrate a high level understanding of the expectation on managers in regards to handling issues; and
  • Understand how to handle or report an issue of workplace discrimination, harassment or bullying.

Designed for:


Program length:

30 minutes (approximately)

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