MiPs Mean Business

For practicing accountants

As a practicing accountant myself I understand the difficulties you will encounter in firstly deciding if this is the right route for you and then running a successful business (in your terms).

I have therefore set up a training company called MiPs Mean Business to help you to build the skills you need to build and run the business you want.

To find out more about my other training for practicing accountants please go to: www.mipsmeanbusiness.co.uk

For small business owner/managers

For me, helping you master your business finances is about you building the 'best' business for you. 'Best' will mean different things to different people.

For some, 'best' means achieving a Richard Branson level of success, but for others it means having a business that provides them enough income, and time, to do their favourite hobby.

Whatever your business aspirations I aim to help you fulfil them.

One of the ways I do this is to give you the tools to help you understand the financial aspects of your business and these Qintil hosted courses are a key part of that.

To find out more about the full service I offer please go to: www.fionabevanfinancialmanagement.co.uk

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