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First2Train was launched in 2019 by our founder/ director: Niall. 

Niall was concerned at the number of first aiders who would rush away from accidents within their workplace, simply as they didn't have the confidence to act within emergencies. 

Our mission, vision and values were built around this concern.

First2Train strives to ensure that all of our safety training does not only just provide the shiny certificates at the end of the training courses, but provides learners with the skills and confidence that allows people to act, not just react during emergency situations. 

First2Train is also a strong believer in behavioural change - we don't believe in telling people "don't do that, it's against health & safety" whilst wandering around in our high vis jacket & holding the clipboard (sorry to anyone that this may be) - we'd rather instil a culture of safety in your organisation via our training. 

Our training courses are primarily within the following 3 areas: 

  • First Aid
  • Health & Safety (including Fire)
  • First Aid for Mental Health

Please do not hesitate to get in touch with any questions, at any time, via our email:

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