Electrical Safety Refresher

Electrical Safety Refresher
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Every year thousands of injuries are reported because of accidents relating to electrical faults and bad practice.

Too often, we barely notice it surging into our homes and offices to power everything we need to get us through our daily life.

However, anyone who uses or works with electricity is at risk from harm, injury, and death.

This refresher course aims to emphasise the importance of electrical safety in the workplace, the injuries that can result if safety measures are not followed, and what can be done to prevent injury and harm.


At the end of the course, trainees will:

  • Cover annual statistics for harm, injury and death as a result of electrical accidents in the workplace.
  • Cover the types of electrical equipment that may be encountered, the conditions that make them hazardous, the types of injuries they can cause and how to respond.
  • Cover the purpose of risk assessments in your workplace, the key steps you can take to prevent electrical injuries occurring, and the checks that should be completed to ensure equipment is safe.