Manual Handling Refresher

Manual Handling Refresher
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Manual handling is an everyday occurrence for most of us, both in the workplace and at home. So, what’s the big problem? Well, manual handling is one of the major causes of workplace accidents.

On average, one in seven workers have suffered from Musculoskeletal Disorders caused by work.

This refresher course is suitable for any employees who encounter manual handling in their workplace, from lifting and handling small loads by hand to lifting and handling larger loads using manual handling aids. This refresher course aims to cover the essential knowledge required for you to safely handle a load.


At the end of the course, trainees will:

  • Cover what manual handling is and the risks associated with manual handling.
  • Cover what to consider when assessing a load and recommended weight guidelines for handling a load.
  • Cover how to safely lift a load, manual handling aids, and team lifts.