Safe Use of Hand and Power Tools

Safe Use of Hand and Power Tools
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Hand and Power tools are used in almost every type of industrial or construction industry and across every trade. The hazards of hand tools are often overlooked by employees because the frequency of use, when in fact they are a leading cause of workplace injury.

This module covers, employer and employee responsibilities, common hand tool safety tips, choosing the right tool for the task and when you should not use a tool. The aim of this module to help reduce the number of workplace accidents and incidents involving hand and power tools in the workplace.


At the end of the course, trainees will be able to:

  • The responsibilities of employers and employees,
  • How to follow basic tool rules and precautions,
  • What is involved in a Risk Assessment and why it is important,
  • The different power sources for tools,
  • How to choose the right tool for the task,
  • Proper maintenance of tools,
  • Why you should be aware of your surroundings