An Introduction to Psychological Safety

An Introduction to Psychological Safety
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“In a psychologically safe workplace, people feel free to share ideas, mistakes, and criticisms. They are less worried about protecting their image and more focused on doing great work.”
This is Amy C. Edmondson speaking to Forbes. Edmondson is a business professor at Harvard University who has been investigating the concept of psychological safety since 1999.
But just what is psychological safety, and how can you foster a workplace that prioritises it? In this track, we’ll explore the concept and investigate the benefits.

In basic terms, a psychologically safe workplace is one where team members feel able to speak up without fear of being judged or criticised for doing so. It’s an environment that empowers people to share their ideas and point out problems.

Learning Objectives

  • Discover what psychological safety means
  • Explore the benefits of psychological safety for an organisation and its staff
  • Look at how leaders can start to increase the levels of psychological safety in their organisations

Target Audience

Leaders interested in what psychological safety could mean for their organisation and how they can create a psychologically safer workplace.