How to Deal With Difficult Customers

How to Deal With Difficult Customers
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Welcome to Audio Learning from Assemble You.

There is no business without customers. Customers are the people who will increase your revenue, increase your profits and spread your reputation, but when customers are being difficult they can hinder all three of these things.

With customers, we can’t always say what we feel. We are here to help them, support them and resolve their issue, but it can often be hard to keep our cool and avoid getting angry or upset ourselves.

Today, we’ll be looking at ways in which you can deal with difficult customers and arm yourself with the tools you need to enhance your customer experience.

By the end of this track, you’ll understand the important lessons you need to know to stay calm under pressure and be your best self.

Learning Objectives

  • Establish how to deal with difficult customers
  • Examine different approaches to maintaining strong customer service
  • Identify a range of methods to cope with and diffuse tense service situations

Target Audience

Employees in customer-facing roles who wish to prevent bad customer experiences.