Performance Management

Performance Management
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Welcome to Audio Learning from Assemble You.

The mere mention of the words 'performance management' can elicit a shudder. Those words trigger uncomfortable thoughts and memories of sitting in bi-annual reviews, bracing ourselves for criticism. Often, we're just happy to get through them without feeling the sting of negative, hurtful feedback. That desire to avoid being critiqued may suggest we're not that interested in growth. Right?

Well, no. We know that career development is essential to retention.

In this track, you'll learn why performance management is important, some of the big challenges of performance management, pitfalls to avoid, and some best practices that can help you get the most out of your performance management practices. 

Learning Objectives

  • Learn the benefits of performance management, when done well
  • Learn the common pitfalls for performance management, and how to avoid them
  • Learn what’s required to reap the benefits of performance management for both business and employee.

Target Audience

Leaders who are looking to improve their company’s performance management processes and culture, and managers who want guidance on how to implement performance management techniques day to day.