Reinvigorating Disengaged Staff

Reinvigorating Disengaged Staff
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According to a survey conducted across 142 countries by Gallup, just 13% of employees worldwide are engaged at work. Symptoms of disengagement may include apathy, poor communication, absenteeism, missed deadlines, and cynicism. So, how does this translate into day-to-day experiences in the workplace? What does withdrawal mean for businesses more broadly, and what can you do to revitalise employee engagement?

In this track, we’ll cover

  • How to determine who’s losing motivation
  • Identifying problems with engagement
  • Diagnosing engagement issues, and
  • Communicating effectively with disengaged employees

Learning Objectives

  • Learn how to determine who’s losing motivation
  • Learn how to identify problems with engagement
  • Learn how to diagnose engagement issues, and
  • Learn how to communicate effectively with disengaged employees

Target Audience

Managers who work with disengaged staff or who wish to prevent disengagement. Managers who want to learn more about why employees disengage, how to notice if someone is disengaging, how to diagnose engagement issues, and how to communicate more effectively.