Blockchain for Business 101

Blockchain for Business 101
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This course from blockchain experts Blocknorth will give you a full and clear understanding of blockchain technology and its impact on business and the wider world. The course covers the background, context, and benefits; an overview and explanation of how blockchain works; applications and practical examples;  an exploration of decentralised data management; and an overview of cryptocurrency and its relevance to business.

Course Contents

Unit 1: The Foundation of Blockchain

  • The role of ledgers
  • The digitisation of ledgers
  • Blockchain and how it works
  • The benefits of blockchain technology
  • Significant changes to data management for businesses and enterprise
  • More dynamic network systems for recording transactions.

Unit 2: How Does Blockchain Work?

  • The basics of how blockchain technology works
  • The individual elements that make up a block
  • How a new block is added to the chain
  • What is the Merkle Tree and why is it important for blockchain
  • The difference between a public and private blockchain
  • How to choose the best-fit blockchain for business
  • Practical examples of blockchain use.

Unit 3: Decentralised Data Management

  • Regular database management
  • The problems associated with centralisation and personal data security
  • Increased corporate responsibility for consumer data
  • The move from regular databases to a decentralised model
  • Blockchain technology and the advantages of decentralisation

Unit 4: What is a Cryptocurrency? 

  • What is a cryptocurrency
  • What is Bitcoin
  • How Bitcoin works
  • How Bitcoin mining works
  • What gives a cryptocurrency value
  • Cryptocurrency and it’s relevance to the business world
  • Cryptocurrency case studies.