Introduction to Non-fungible Tokens for Law (NFTs)

Introduction to Non-fungible Tokens for Law (NFTs)
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This course from blockchain experts Blocknorth, who are also closely allied with key augmented reality partners, will give you a clear understanding of the history and background of Non-fungible Tokens (NFTs). The course covers the origins and background of NFTs together with examples of current and potential uses. It also looks at the trading environment and assesses the numerous legal challenges and issues surrounding NFTs.

Course Contents:

Unit 1: Background and Underlying Technologies

  • Defining NFTs and their unique nature
  • History and growth of NFTs
  • Underlying technologies – Blockchain and Smart Contracts
  • The dominance of Ethereum – and the alternatives
  • The storage of NFTs

Unit 2: Development and Uses of NFTs

  • Introduction and famous examples
  • Creator benefits
  • Growing list of uses
    • Metaverse assets
    • Events and attendance
    • Digital twins

Unit 3: Trading and Marketplaces

  • How to buy an NFT
  • Minting new NFTs
  • How trading marketplaces work
  • Crypto wallets
  • Descriptions of leading marketplaces

Unit 4: Legal Issues surrounding NFTs

  • Defining the scope of NFTs for buyers and sellers
  • Intellectual Property Rights and copyright
  • Financial regulation and contractual issues
  • The threat posed by money laundering
  • Tax implications, gambling issues and insider trading considerations.