Introduction to Web 3.0 for Law

Introduction to Web 3.0 for Law
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This course from blockchain experts Blocknorth, who are also closely allied with key augmented reality partners, will give you a clear understanding of the history and development of the internet to the current Web 3.0 version. The course covers the early days of the internet, looks at the capabilities and uses of the current technology and sets out the numerous legal challenges and issues surrounding the use of these new technologies.

Course Contents:

Unit 1: History and Development of the Internet

  • Origins of the internet and Web 1.0
  • The move to Web 2.0 and the issues surrounding it
  • The development of Web 3.0
  • The key building blocks and main features

Unit 2: Capabilities and Uses of Web 3.0

  • The Metaverse
  • Decentralised Finance
  • NFTs and Cryptocurrency
  • Other uses
    • Remote workplaces
    • Advanced gaming
    • Virtual assistants
    • Decentralised applications
    • Decentralised Autonomous Organisation

Unit 3: Legal Issues surrounding Web 3.0

  • Cryptocurrency crime
  • Manipulation of Artificial Intelligence data
  • Smart contract hacks and NFT Intellectual Property issues
  • The threat posed by money laundering
  • Crimes perpetrated within the Metaverse
  • Others such as gambling, securities laws, and jurisdictional issues.