Handling Different Customer Behaviours (hospitality)

Handling Different Customer Behaviours (hospitality)
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This group of three modules titled Handling Different Behaviours includes:

Understanding Different Behaviours

This module takes the behaviour cycle from the customer viewpoint and explores customer behaviours and why they happen.

Developing an understanding of customer feelings and personality traits learners develop knowledge of recognising the behaviours and choosing positive responses to complete a positive behaviour cycle.

Understanding Customer Needs

Although all customers have some basic expectations when they stay in a hotel such as cleanliness and safety, depending on why they have booked, customers have additional expectations. The ability to understand the different expectations and to meet or preferably exceed those expectations is the real art of the hospitality professional.

Being Disability and Cultural Aware

This module explores the differing needs of leisure, families, conference and corporate customers with lots of ideas.

Carrying on from Understanding Customer Needs this module overviews firstly some of the additional specific needs that customers with disabilities may have to deliver great customer service. Hospitality is international and having knowledge of different cultures to deliver great customer service is also the mark of the professional member of staff.  It is not exhaustive but will give learners lots of ideas and the potential to research further. We also offer a separate full module on being Disability Aware!


Designed for all operational ‘front facing’ hotel staff.

The modules can be used as a complete programme or individually for specific training needs or refreshers. Individuals may like to develop their own knowledge and confidence or use the module certificates at interviews. 


  • Understand why customers behave differently
  • Identify positive responses to use with different behaviors
  • Identify the different needs of different types of customers
  • Identify ideas to put the WOW! Into great customer service
  • Identify positive assistance that can be offered to customers with disabilities
  • Become more cultural aware!