Oral Healthcare

Oral Healthcare
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Mouth care is an essential aspect of care. It’s central to a person's comfort, dignity, appearance, ability to eat and drink and their wellbeing.

Due to advances in dentistry, a focus on preventative maintenance and widespread use of fluoride, the number of people with false teeth has declined and more people now keep their natural teeth for longer. However, this can mean that they need more complex dental care than people who have dentures. This is a key consideration when taking into account the oral healthcare needs of individuals.

Learning outcomes

Upon completion of this module you will be able to

  • Understand the importance of good oral healthcare and how this affects general health.
  • Understand the risk factors that contribute to poor oral healthcare.
  • Know how to conduct an oral healthcare assessment, follow a mouth care plan and understand what it may include.
  • Understand how to care and support somebody who is unable or unwilling to clean their own teeth.
  • Maintain accurate oral healthcare records.
  • Recognise when to escalate a problem and how to refer.