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Habits of an Optimist Course

Habits of an Optimist Course
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Welcome to the Habits of an Optimist Course

What if optimism could be learnt?

Learning to think optimistically could help us experience life in a more positive and uplifting way.

Experts claim that the real difference between optimists and pessimists isn’t in their level of happiness or in how they perceive a situation, but in how they cope.

As the Dalai Lama says - 

"Choose Optimism, It feels better!"
We encourage you to go through the course with an open mind, and choose the 3 or 4 habits that resonate with you. 

Create a simple plan for yourself to start to embed these into your daily life. 


  • Introduction Module
    • Adopting Habits of an Optimist
  • Habit 1: Smile Like an Optimist
    • Module 1: How does smiling make a positive difference?
    • Module 1: The impact a smile can make on others
  • Habit 2: Laugh Like an Optimist
    • Module 2: The positive impact of laughing
  • Habit 3: Ask yourself ‘What makes you optimistic?’
    • Module 3: Asking yourself "What makes you Optimistic?"
  • Habit 4: Think like an Optimist
    • Module 4: The importance of thinking optimistically
    • Module 4: Some ideas to think differently
  • Habit 5: Ask others ‘what makes you optimistic?’
    • Module 5: Asking others "What makes you Optimistic?"
    • Module 5: The impact of asking this question
  • Habit 6: Daydream like an Optimist
    • Module 6: How daydreaming fosters optimism and positive thinking
  • Habit 7: Use the language of Optimism
    • Module 7: The importance of the language you use to how you feel
  • Habit 8: Write and Share Positive Affirmations
    • Module 8: How positive affirmations foster optimism
  • Habit 9: Surround yourself with Optimistic People
    • Module 9: How the people you surround yourself with impact you
  • Habit 10: Manage your News Intake like an Optimist
    • Module 10: Understand the impact that exposure to news can have on you
    • Module 10: The importance of limiting your news intake
  • Habit 11: Share stories of Hope and Optimism
    • Module 11: How sharing positive stories makes an impact on you and others
  • Habit 12: Forgive like an Optimist
    • Module 12: The importance in forgiveness on optimism
  • Habit 13: Practice Gratitude like an Optimist
    • Module 13: Practical strategies for practicing gratitude
    • Module 13: Benefits of practicing gratitude
  • Habit 14: Learn and Innovate like an Optimist
    • Module 14: How learning and innovation inspire optimism
    • Module 14: The benefits of engaging in learning and innovation
  • What's Next
    • Explore the Additional Resources for each module
    • Join the Project Optimism Community