Adult Safeguarding

Adult Safeguarding
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Course Overview

The EssentialSkillz Safeguarding Adults Online Training Course provides an introduction to the adult safeguarding process.

It explains what safeguarding is, who it applies to and the six principles that underpin adult safeguarding.

Course Objectives

This training course covers the following:

  • Explains what safeguarding is and your role in the safeguarding process
  • Discusses how to respond and report safeguarding concerns
  • Describes how to recognise abuse and neglect

Course Content

The safeguarding adults course highlights the importance of using a person-centred approach so that adults are respected, heard and supported during the safeguarding process. References are made to the legal framework that supports safeguarding practices.

The course highlights the main types of abuse and what signs and symptoms are associated with each type. The course provides a wide range of scenarios to help identify what these forms of abuse might look like.

Identifying the signs and symptoms of abuse is a critical part of the safeguarding process. It’s essential to know what to do if you suspect abuse and to act quickly. The course gives advice on how to respond if you suspect or are told abuse is occurring.

Everyone has a responsibility for reporting abuse and sharing information with other individuals and organisations to safeguard adults at risk.