Business Communication

Business Communication
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Course Overview

Communication plays a vital role within the workplace and can come in many forms, from team-based collaboration to one-on-one meetings and even through presentations and correspondence.   

Our Business Communication Online Training Course is designed to help employees develop their understanding of effective language and communication skills in the world of business and management.  

Course Objectives

This training course covers the following:

  • Outlines tips for enhancing communication in face-to-face meetings and virtual meetings
  • Describes methods for handling and resolving conflict in teams
  • Advises on different techniques for preparing and delivering effective presentations

Course Content

The Business Communication course provides advice on written communication, such as emails, as well as for virtual meetings via voice or video conferencing. Business Communication assumes a basic understanding of nonverbal communication skills, and builds on this to discuss emotional intelligence, persuasion and conflict resolution.

Through effective communication, you can gain respect, bring value to your organisation and build positive relationships.

The course also describes how to prepare for a presentation so you can most effectively communicate your message to an audience.