Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct
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An organisation’s Code of Conduct is a framework which provides employees with information and guidance on the expected levels of behaviour, responsibilities and practices within the workplace. The Essentialskillz Code of Conduct eLearning Course, explains appropriate standards of behaviour between work colleagues, service users and customers. Additionally, ethical and legal requirements are defined. Interactive scenarios are used to assist in understanding the importance of a Code of Conduct in everyday situations.

Course Overview

This Essentialskillz Code of Conduct eLearning Course, effectively describes the importance of complying with your organisation’s values and principles. Delegates will understand ethics, ethical values and will be provided with everyday examples of ethical issues within the workplace. The course explains that ethical values include, integrity, respect, loyalty, accountability and performance.

Completion of the course will provide a clear understanding of misconduct. Acts of misconduct include theft, deliberate damage of company property, breaching trust and confidentiality, assisting a competitor, falsifying records, aggressive and physical abuse. Breaching codes of conduct could lead to sanctions and penalties such as disciplinary or legal action.

The Essentialskillz Code of Conduct eLearning Course, highlights the importance of employee professionalism and compliance. Adhering to the Equality Act, Health and Safety in the workplace, IT Security and an appropriate use of Social Media is emphasised. Users will learn what to do in specific situations including media and public appearances, conflicts of interest, giving and accepting gifts and hospitality. Additionally, employees will understand what they should do if they are suspicious that there has been an act of misconduct in their organisation and how to escalate their concern.

Main Sections within the course:

  • Overview
  • General behaviour
  • Specific Situations
  • 3rd party and reporting
  • Test

Target Audience

This course is suitable for all employees in your organisation, It provides information on how to work respectfully, collaboratively and legally in everyday work situations.

Course Objectives:

  • To explain ethical values and standards of behaviour.
  • To describe a rules of conduct framework which can be applied to help guide across everyday choices.
  • To highlight your personal responsibility and accountability in the workplace.