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Course Overview

ErgoWize - DSE E-Learning is a 25 minute course that instructs employees in the correct set up and safe use of their computer workstation, desk and chair.

By completing this course organisations and employees will benefit from an increased awareness of DSE related hazards and instruction on how to avoid them.

ErgoWize - DSE E-Learning is most commonly used in conjunction with the ErgoWize - on-line DSE risk assessment, forming a complete Display Screen Equipment compliance solution.

The new version of this class leading E-Learning includes rich animations (no Flash is used, so it can be used as M-Learning with iPad's and Android tablets), crisp clean graphics and engaging content.

ErgoWize DSE - Risk Assessment

Our DSE E-Learning and risk assessment is the most advanced DSE compliance software available. Users complete the training first before moving onto the risk assessment which has been designed to help users solve the majority of their issues themself. This is achieved using tailored advice that loads during the risk assessment.

Any issues that can not be resolved at source by the user are flagged up to DSE Assessors/line managers/ Health & Safety - whoever is responsible for resolving DSE risk via O-LAS, our powerful Compliance Management System. Risk assessment issues are prioritised so users that need the most urgent attention are seen faster and a full audit trail can be recorded for the resolution of each issue.

Course Objectives

  • A comfortable sitting posture
  • Correct keyboard and mouse techniques
  • The importance of organising a workstation to suit individual needs
  • The importance of varying posture throughout the day
  • Eyestrain prevention and eyesight policy
  • The correct use of laptops and other mobile devices
  • The benefit of simple stretching exercises at regular intervals

Benefits to your organisation

  • Immediately communicate DSE policy to employees
  • Mitigate potential liability in case of a DSE related claim
  • Clear audit trail - evidence completion and understanding
  • DSE E-Learning is a highly cost effective way of training and assessing large numbers of staff

Target Audience

Anyone classified as a "user" under the DSE regulations.