Hazardous Substances (COSHH)

Hazardous Substances (COSHH)
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Course Overview

This course has been Approved by RoSPA

Hazardous Substances (COSHH) is a 25 minute course that provides an overview of what hazardous substances are and how to work safely with them.

Communicate preventative and control measures in order to avoid harmful exposure.

This course has just been updated to include the new international COSHH symbols. The course shows the old symbols and compares them to how the new symbols look ensuring that the trainee understands the meaning of the new symbols.

Courses are regularly updated so that the look and content are as fresh and stylish as possible. EssentialSkillz range of class-leading E-learning solutions include rich animations (no Flash is used, so M-Learning is an option as courses are compatible with iPad's), crisp clean graphics and engaging content.

Target Audience

Ideal for deployment to anyone whose work might involve handling of, or close proximity to, hazardous substances. The course can be used as primer training and is easily blended with a practical demonstration to provide more thorough instruction.

Course Objectives

Organisations and employees will benefit from an increased awareness of the following:

  • What a hazardous substance is and the different forms it can appear as
  • The potential health hazards associated with certain hazardous substances
  • How to avoid harmful exposure and work safely with hazardous substances
  • COSHH E-Learning is a fully editable course, so you can add your own policies and procedures if required

Target Audience

All managers with direct reports.