Homeworking Policy

Homeworking Policy
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Course Overview

Homeworking is a growing trend and the percentage of the work force that now work from home has increased significantly in the last decade. With the home becoming the workplace, both employer and employee responsibilities under Health and Safety legislation are now applicable to the homeworker's home. Additionally, homeworkers are expected to comply with all relevant workplace policies and procedures as they would when working in the employer's workplace. To ensure the successful management of homeworking, it is crucial that arrangements are clear and agreed in advance and a consistency of approach is understood by managers and employees alike.

Homeworking Policy is a course providing an outline of an organisation's policy and work arrangements in relation to staff who are homeworkers.

Course Objectives

In this training course employees will learn:

  • Categories of homeworking and eligibility criteria
  • General homeworking arrangements covering such topics as insurance requirements, the supply of equipment, security of data and equipment and what constitutes an appropriate work area
  • The importance of integrating health and safety requirements into the homeworking environment

Benefit to your Organisation

  • Provide clear procedures to staff who are home workers or to those responsible for managing homeworking
  • Define home-based work arrangements with regard to entitlements, eligibility criteria and other conditions that apply
  • Provide a consistency of approach and standard framework for managing homeworking

Target Audience

All employee who works from home either in whole or part. Any manager managing employees that work from home.