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Lock Out Tag Out
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Course Overview

The EssentialSkillz Lock Out Tag Out Online Training Course is designed to help users understand what Lock Out Tag Out is, the steps behind the isolation process, and why it’s an important part of workplace health and safety procedure.

Lock Out Tag Out (LOTO) is a health and safety procedure that temporarily disables access to a control panel or piece of heavy machinery in order to prevent unauthorised or unscheduled use by other operators. The main aim of the practice is to safeguard employees from preventable accidents and fatalities and is a standard operating procedure across heavy-duty industries such as manufacturing, construction and agriculture. 

Course Objectives

This training course covers the following:

  • Explains isolation processes for powered equipment, including lock out, tag out procedures
  • Describes what can go wrong without a successful isolation process
  • ummarises other steps required before starting work on powered equipment

Course Content

The EssentialSkillz lock out tag out course explains a five-step process, from planning to trying out, before work is carried out. It also summarises the steps to be taken after work has finished but before restoring power. As well as more obvious electrical hazards, the course explains that there are other energy sources that might need to be protected against, including hydraulic pressure, gas and moving parts. It uses cases studies based on real accidents to illustrate the importance of applying controls and to engage the learner.

It is not the aim of this course to explain particular shutdown sequences or lock out tag out steps for specific equipment. Although the course illustrates examples of how energy sources can be locked out, it is the responsibility of the employer to carry out specific risk assessments, to have tailored procedures in place and to train employees to use specific equipment.

Where lock out tag out is a significant element of an individual’s job role, it is recommended that this course is used as part of a blended learning approach, for example as preparation for a skills-based practical course or as a refresher of the key points.