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Course Overview

The world is faster paced, less secure, less predictable, and has more distractions than ever before. People get caught up dwelling on the past or worrying about the future, and this can lead to many mental health problems. Mindfulness says you should take time to be purposefully and non-judgmentally attentive to the present moment.

Course Objectives

This training course covers the following:

  • Explains how mindfulness can improve mental wellbeing and reduce stress
  • Discusses the nine attitudes of mindfulness and their benefits
  • Highlights in detail the formal mindfulness techniques of meditation and yoga

Course Content

This Mindfulness course outlines the key elements of mindfulness-based interventions used by mental health professionals. The nine attitudes of mindfulness are explained, which will help you approach mindfulness practice with the best frame of mind. 

There are step-by-step guides on performing:

  • common mindfulness meditations
  • an introductory mindfulness yoga routine

The course also explains how you can incorporate mindfulness informally into your daily routine.

The course uses scenarios, active learning, and animated instructions to reinforce learning and engage learners.