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Course Overview

The EssentialSkillz Resilience eLearning course explains how you can develop resilience with reference to four areas – emotional, mental, social, and physical.

The course outlines simple, practical ways to help you react more positively to challenges referring to these areas.

Course Objectives

This training course covers the following:

  • Explains what resilience is in a mental health and wellbeing context
  • Outlines a variety of ways you can develop emotional and mental resilience
  • Summarises the importance of good physical health and positive social connections

Course Content

It is improbable that you will go through life without facing adversity. You could face adversity, for example, from stressful work projects, missed targets, relationship breakdown, or illness. How you cope with these challenges can strongly impact your mental health.

If you cope negatively, this could add to the stress of the situation and potentially lead to a mental illness such as depression. If you cope positively, you can learn from the experience. Resilience is an approach to mental health that aims to develop your ability to cope positively with adversity.

The course further describes how you can develop your capacity in these four areas. For example, it outlines simple ways to implement a healthy diet and exercise regime to increase your physical health.

The course is highly interactive and uses a variety of case studies, active learning, and quiz questions to reinforce the learning objectives.