Risk Assessment

Risk Assessment
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Course Overview

This is a short course designed to introduce managers to the concept of risk assessments, why they are important and what their responsibilities are in regard to this area. There are sound financial, legal and ethical reasons why companies should be aware of, and carry out appropriate risk assessments. Effective management in this area contributes to business success and reduces the risk of accidents and ill-health and all the associated costs with these events. This course has been Approved by RoSPA

This course highlights the importance of recording and maintaining records. In the event of an accident or claim, the investigating authorities will want to know how employers are managing health and safety. They will demand to see and examine the corresponding risk assessment initially and also the procedures and controls in place. Are you confident that your practices will stand up to rigorous examination?

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Course Objectives

In this training course employees will learn:

  • The legal requirements to carry out risk assessments
  • The concept of risk assessments
  • How to carry out a risk assessment
  • The difference between hazards and risk and what factors to consider when assigning risk to a particular hazard
  • The importance of recording and maintaining risk assessment records

Benefit to your Organisation

  • Achieve a reduction in the overall level of risk your organisation faces through highlighting an employees role in the risk assessment process, where they can access existing policies and procedures in place and how they can help inform, compliment and improve existing risk control measures.
  • Assist with and help ensure the successful implementation of risk control measures in your organisation.
  • Demonstrate compliance with the requirement to manage and risk assess the health and safety of employees in the workplace by providing managers with the appropriate information and skills in an easy, cost-effective and practical way.

Target Audience

All managers, supervisors and any employees who are resposible for Risk Assessment.