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Developing as a Leader and Manager

Developing as a Leader and Manager
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Establish yourself as an indispensable leader within your organisation. Bad management is the main reason people leave their jobs, 50% of U.S adults have left a job ?to get away from their manager?.

Transitioning into a leadership role can be hard, this 5 hr long course provides guidance on how to inspire employees, communicate effectively and efficiently manage conflict. Grow into a leader that propels your company forward, anticipates change and identifies innovation opportunities for your business.

With training designed by the UK?s top voice on leadership and management, ILM, this video-led Introduction to Leadership course focuses on practical application.


  • While there is no formal pre-requisite for this course you will benefit most if you have taken on management or leadership responsibilities.

Relevant audiences

  • Individuals either new to a leadership role or have been assigned management or leadership responsibilities.
  • Those who have started a business or who have career plans involving management.

Learning Outcomes

  • What it means to be a good leader
  • How to communicate work related information
  • How to manage the conflict
  • The insights of business strategies
  • How to manage change
  • How to foster innovation and creativity in the workplace


Section 1: Leadership

  • Unit 1.1 - Being a Good Leader
  • Unit 1.2 - Communication
  • Unit 1.3 - Conflict Management

Section 2: Leadership & Management Techniques

  • Unit 2.1 - Business Strategies
  • Unit 2.2 - Managing Change
  • Unit 2.3 - Innovation