HTML 5 Authoring

HTML 5 Authoring
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HTML5 isn't just a language to build web sites - It's part of modern digital literacy.

HTML5 is used to build websites, and many other digital projects, like digital signage, online learning content, mobile applications and much more.

Learning HTML5 is pivotal stepping stone that allows you to move from being a consumer to a producer of digital content. HTML5 is the critical scaffolding that lays below most digital projects and empowers you as the developer to go beyond authoring tools and truly mange the codebase of your project.

HTML5 Authoring, taught by expert Mark Lassoff, is the perfect introduction to the HTML5 language. You'll be invited to code along as Mark starts by demonstrating the basics and continues through important topics including lists, hyperlinks, tables and page layout. This course covers both classical HTML and contemporary HTML topics like Flexbox layout.

If you've wanted to grow in your career, and thoroughly understand digital document markup, this course is a great first step. If you want to learn how professional web developers code, this course is for you.

There is no better way to learn HTML then by watching the entertaining demonstrations and completing the coding activities in this course. You'll be a pro HTML5 coder in no time!

Outline Learning Objective:

  • Understand HTML5 syntax
  • Use HTML5 tags for text markup
  • Employ fundamental CSS to style text
  • Use HTML structures like Hyperlinks and tables
  • Create usable interactive forms to collect data from users
  • Use traditional and contemporary page layout techniques