Phishing - The flip side of Phishing

Phishing - The flip side of Phishing
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Up until a couple of years ago, phishing mails were easy to recognize. They were filled with language errors, copied and pasted logos and subject titles in CAPSLOCK. Nowadays phishing mails are way more realistic and harder to recognize. You don’t have to be a programmer to send a phishing mail, so more and more scammers try their luck. Profits can reach up to millions of euros. How do you create a phishing mail? What does a phisher keep in mind when preparing an attack?

Learning Objectives:

Are you ready to look at the flip side of phishing? After 15 minutes you can answer the following questions:

  • What are the signs of phishing and how can you recognize them?
  • How do phishers find out information about their victims?
  • How does phishing via social media differ from phishing via email?
  • How can you protect yourself against the dangers of phishing?