Process Flow Mapping

Process Flow Mapping
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This course will help people learn the principles of Process Flow Mapping and show how to apply the principles within their work environment.

The learner will understand that the purpose of Process Mapping is to use diagramming to understand the processes we currently use and ask what is expected of us; what should we be doing to provide better customer focus and satisfaction.

The benefits of implementing Process Mapping Techniques include:

  • Remove waste in processes
  • Allow you to see 'the big picture'
  • Solve process issues
  • Quick analysis of process flows

Upon completion of this course, learners will be able to understand the key principles of Process Flow Mapping and will be able to discuss how to drive benefits such as:

  • Increase understanding of a process
  • Analyse how a process could be improved
  • Show others how a process is done
  • Improve communication between individuals engaged in the same process
  • Provide process documentation
  • Plan projects

Training Outcomes:

By the end of the course learners will:

  • Understand the principles and benefits of process flow analysis
  • Be able to deploy a process flow analysis
  • Know how to improve a process flow efficiency
  • Know how to establish and link the analysis activity with other lean/CI business processes

This Intellelearn Process Flow Mapping course includes:

  • Stop-Start technology meaning you learn at your convenience
  • All device compliant meaning you can use laptop-tablet-smartphone at anytime
  • Developed by Continuous Improvement Professionals
  • Accredited by CPD
  • Approximate duration: 15 minutes


This Process Flow Mapping online course is fully accredited by CPD. 


The course is divided into modules with a short quiz at the end of each to test your knowledge. Once you have progressed through each of the modules you can access a quiz which consists of multiple choice questions based on the material that you have studied.


The Process Flow Mapping course takes approximately 15 minutes to complete. As an e-learning course you can complete this training in convenient stages.