Access 2016 - Beginner - Part 2

Access 2016 - Beginner - Part 2
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Who it's For:

Access is designed for people who are comfortable with spreadsheet programs like Excel. These users need more power and analyzation, as well as a stronger forward-facing interface.

What it is:

Access is a database creation and management program. It helps you design, build, and interface with a robust database to help your organization run smoothly. Many small to medium-sized businesses use Access for this exact purpose.

What You'll Learn:

This course starts with database basics, terms, and information you'll need to confidently build your database later on. Then, you'll learn how to build tables, determine relationships, query data, and create simple-to-use interfaces that other people at your company can use to interact with your data.


  • Introduction
  • Looking at the First Draft of a Database
  • Creating Relationships with Lookup Lists
  • The Relationships Window
  • Relating by Dragging Field Names
  • Dragging to Create 1-to-1 Relationships
  • Changing Dragged Relationships to Lookup Relationships
  • Limit-To-List Properties
  • Enforced Referential Integrity
  • Seeing the Referential Integrity Being Enforced
  • Cascade Edits and Deletions
  • More Field Properties