Acrobat X: Advanced

Acrobat X: Advanced
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Who it's For:

People who want to create secure documents that are visible to the largest number of people. Acrobat is often used because of its powerful document features. Users are spread across many industries, but heavy concentrations of users are found in publishing, enterprise, or legal industries.

What it is:

Acrobat creates Portable Document Format (PDF) documents. Although there are many other software suites that also can create PDFs, Acrobat is much more robust and creates documents that can also be animated, used as a presentation, tagged for accessibility, tracked in many different ways, and digitally signed.

What You'll Learn:

You'll learn all the ins and outs of this robust program. Topics include creating PDF files, working with pages, creating forms, tracking comments, and searching scanned documents. You'll also learn to create interactive presentations to wow your clients and users.


Acrobat X: Advanced Part 1

  • Form Wizard
  • 2nd form
  • Form Reset Button
  • Save the file into a new folder
  • Align and Comb
  • Turn responses into csv file
  • Open forms in Adobe Reader X
  • Intro Background & Watermarks
  • Watermarks
  • Picture as Watermark
  • Add Background
  • Comments
  • More Comments
  • Optical Character Recognition

Acrobat X: Advanced Part 2

  • Create a Digital ID
  • Sign the document
  • Export private key to file
  • Signed PDF & public key
  • Add a button
  • Graphic rollover
  • Assign button action
  • Copy & Paste Buttons
  • Insert audio
  • Insert video
  • Insert a cover page
  • Action Wizard
  • Edit Actions
  • Summary