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Who it's For:

People learning web design and development. Once you're familiar with HTML, Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) is a great way to further your web site building skills.

What it is:

CSS is used to extend the formatting and stylistic capabilities of your HTML documents, allowing greater flexibility and control in page layout and design.

What You'll Learn:

We take CSS from the beginning and teach you all about formatting, layout, and navigation bars. After learning HTML and CSS you'll be able to build a web site from scratch, and you'll finally be able to say “Oh, I know how they do that!”

CSS is coding and does not create graphics or design sketches. For that, turn to Photoshop and Illustrator.


CSS Beginner Part 1

  • Introduction
  • How CSS Works
  • CSS Set Up
  • Redefine Body
  • Redefine h1 & h2
  • Redefine td & img
  • Creating Classes
  • Setting Padding
  • Background Images
  • No-Repeat Background
  • External Styles
  • Inline Style
  • Using Span

CSS Beginner Part 2

  • Introduction
  • Design with CSS
  • Float
  • DIV Introduction
  • Border and Padding
  • DIV Trick
  • Overflow Scroll
  • Centering DIVs
  • Floating DIVs
  • DIV Layout Method
  • Create a DIV Layout
  • IDs
  • Vertical Expanding DIVs

CSS Advanced Part 1

  • ntroduction
  • Compound Styles
  • CSS Links

CSS Advanced Part 2

  • Links with Bullets
  • Compound Links