Decision Making Pack

Decision Making Pack
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Assess and Plan for Risks - Risk Assessment Matrix

Hidden risks can derail a project (or idea) or keep it from ever getting off the ground.

Use a Risk Assessment Matrix (RAM) to assess high risk decisions and plan contingencies so those risks don't derail your success.

This tool is useful for anyone who needs to make big decisions or plan and manage projects. Try it now!

Evaluate Projects and Uncover Ideas with S.W.O.T.

Many organizations waste time and money pursuing projects that are unrealistic or harmful.

Learn how to make the right decisions for your organization by evaluating projects and ideas with S.W.O.T.

This step by step module takes you through the real process. You'll finish with actual ideas for you or your team.

Uncover Opportunities for Your Organization with S.O.A.R.

Are there opportunities for your organization that you don't know about? Probably!

Use this structured tool to plan strategy, set a new direction, uncover opportunities and give your company a competitive advantage. Leaders and future leaders worldwide use the S.O.A.R. tool to uncover hidden opportunities.

You can learn to use this invaluable tool in about 15 minutes.

Think Outside of the Box with Six Thinking Hats

We all have trouble looking at new ideas from different perspectives.

Make the most out of your ideas with Six Thinking Hats, a role-based brainstorming technique. Explore an initiative from many different angles by assigning distinct roles.

In less than 15 minutes, you'll be refining your ideas in surprising and useful ways.

Get out of Your Head and Make Decisions with D.E.A.M.

It's easy to get sidetracked when you're trying to make important decisions.

D.E.A.M. is a tool designed to easily separate distractions from focused thoughts. You'll be left with a concentrated batch of clear ideas.

Take this course, try the 3 minute exercise, and you'll be making decisions more efficiently in no time.

Check Your Writing for Tone

You've had the experience where something you wrote was taken totally out of context, right? We all have.

That's because in everyday communication, the actual words used make up only 7% of interpretation. It's no wonder that readers misinterpret email.

This tool teaches you a quick and easy way to check your writing for tone and possible misinterpretation. You'll avoid sticky situations and get your true point across.

Write Fast and Sound Professional

Why do we have to think so much to write a professional email?

Wouldn't it be nice if 90% of our business correspondence could be fired off with very little thought - and still sound professional?

This tool provides a straightforward structure that enables you to communicate quickly - professionally.