InDesign CS6 Beginner

InDesign CS6 Beginner
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Who it's For:

People who want to make professional (longer-form) print designs like catalogues, company reports, magazines, and books.

What it is:

Adobe's InDesign is a page layout program that allows complete compatibility with other Adobe graphic applications such as Photoshop and Illustrator. InDesign offers all the tools needed for page layout, including typographic control of text, master pages, styles, controlled text flow and multiple column layouts.

What You'll Learn:

You'll learn InDesign's innovative beginning to advanced features, including drawing tools, graphics, text frames, transparency, tables, color gradients and other options. You'll have creative control over newsletters, brochures and flyers.


InDesign CS6 Beginner Part 1

  • Introduction to InDesign
  • New Document
  • Using InDesign
  • Basic Object Manipulation
  • Transparency
  • Arranging Shapes
  • Basic Text
  • Text Color
  • Simple Shapes
  • Review

InDesign CS6 Beginner Part 2

  • Images
  • Multiple Images
  • Interact with Images
  • Text Flow
  • Frame Tools
  • Rulers and Guides
  • Managing Pages
  • Master Pages
  • Page Numbers
  • Text Wrap