Office Mac 2011

Office Mac 2011
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Who it's For:

Users of Microsoft Office for the Mac know that it can be different than it is on the PC. If you're already using office and just need a quick primer, want to know the new features, or need to transfer your skills from PC to Mac, this course is for you.

What it is:

These videos help you learn all the new features that allow you to create professional documents and presentations with the most-used productivity software for the Mac. And since Office for Mac 2011 is compatible with Office for Windows, you can work on documents with virtually anyone, anywhere.

What You'll Learn:

All the new topics, features, techniques and capabilities of the Office 2011 suite. This course is not a bottom-up primer, but more of a “get-in, get-out” quick learn experience.


Office Mac 2011 Powerpoint

  • Themes
  • Presenter View
  • Dynamics Reordering
  • Slide Masters
  • Custom Layouts
  • Convert to Smart Art
  • Broadcast Show

Office Mac 2011 Excel

  • Cell Styles
  • Templates and Themes
  • Tables
  • Conditional Formats
  • Sorting
  • Charts
  • Sparklines
  • Pivot Tables
  • Page Layout
  • Summer Functions
  • Remove Duplicates

Office Mac 2011 Word

  • The Ribbon and Customization
  • File Compatibility
  • Themes
  • Picture Formats
  • Smart Art
  • Zoom Control
  • Overview of OneDrive (Formerly SkyDrive)
  • Macro Capability
  • Search Highlight
  • Dynamic Reordering
  • Equation Tool
  • Citation Bibliographies