Outlook 2013: Beginner

Outlook 2013: Beginner
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Who it's For:

Anyone who works in the business world. Outlook is the most popular email and scheduler. It's one of those “expected to know” programs.

What it is:

Outlook is the World's most popular business email and scheduling software. As well as manage email, it has the ability to also oversee your schedule, retain your contacts, and help keep your tasks on track.

What You'll Learn:

Beginners will learn how to begin using Outlook's full potential, and ensure a solid understanding of the possibilities of this tool. Everyone will learn powerful capabilities of Outlook as a digital organizer to automate common activities, share, collaborate with others, and customize the program to meet any need. Advanced users will delve deeper into the configuration of Outlook and how to connect it with other programs such as Word and other data share options.


Outlook 2013: Beginner Part 1

  • The New Ribbon
  • The Navigation Bar
  • Peeking
  • Normal vs. Reading Views
  • Sending and Viewing Email
  • Reading Pane
  • Conversation View
  • Flag For Follow-up
  • To-Do Bar
  • Flag Options
  • Categories
  • Print Messages
  • Delete Messages
  • Your People List
  • Favorites
  • Send A Personal Email
  • Contact Group
  • Tasks

Outlook 2013: Beginner Part 2

  • Navigate
  • Create an Appointment
  • Add a 2nd Time Zone
  • Schedule View
  • Recurring Appointments
  • Add a Reminder
  • Open Someone's Calendar
  • Schedule a Meeting
  • Respond to Meetings
  • Customize the Calendar
  • Show Your Local Weather
  • Create a Folder
  • Search
  • Search Folders
  • Notes