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Photoshop CS6 Advanced

Photoshop CS6 Advanced
£18.00 per seat

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Who it's For:

Photo enthusiasts, designers—anyone who wants their photos to shine.

What it is:

The premier photo editing and design software.

What You'll Learn:

You'll learn how to manipulate, enhance, and edit photos in ways that will amaze you. You'll also learn how to use PhotoShop as a graphic design tool. It's the industry standard!


Photoshop CS6 Advanced Part 1

  • Adobe Bridge
  • Photomerge
  • Playing Action
  • Recording Actions
  • Batch Process
  • Red Eye
  • Black and White

Photoshop CS6 Advanced Part 2

  • Design File Setup
  • Vector vs Bitmap
  • Drawing Tools
  • Manage Layers
  • Effects
  • Gradients
  • Combine and Chop Paths
  • Patterns
  • Advanced Text