Publisher 2019

Publisher 2019
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Who it's for:

Anyone who would like to create posters, newsletters, brochures, books, and long documents.

What it is:

Publisher is a desktop publishing application that is easy to learn, yet robust and sophisticated enough to create complex publications.

What you'll learn:

Students will learn how to navigate the interface of Publisher, learn valuable keyboard shortcuts and how to customize the Publisher window. We explore creating a new document using templates and themes including fonts, colors, and preset templates to expedite your creative process. We cover master pages, which will help automate and expedite your process and make your documents more professional. Additionally, we do a deep dive into working with images and shapes and how to insert, edit, and enhance them to make your document more visually interesting. We discuss the nuances of text boxes and how to customize the look, layout, and structure of text boxes, and how they work with your images. We also cover a variety of other topics such as hyperlinks, page borders, tables, audio, headers, footers, and much more! Finally, you will learn how to publish and export your documents and make them ready for printing professionally.