Child Sexual Exploitation (Level 1)

Child Sexual Exploitation (Level 1)
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Child sexual exploitation (CSE) is a serious crime, and one that affects more children and young people that than you may realise. In this level 1 of this course, you'll take a look at what child sexual exploitation actually means, learn about typical offender behaviour and get a clear picture of the impact on victims of CSE. After developing an understanding of the offence and who the offenders are, you'll learn how to spot the warning signs.

Our Child Sexual Exploitation (Level 2) course is the next step if you'd like to build on this foundation knowledge, looking at what to do if you suspect a child is the victim of CSE.

The course contains plenty of additional resource materials, useful links and a refresher guide for future reference.

Course Objectives

What will be covered in this course. By the end of this course will:

  • Become familiar with the definition of CSE
  • Foster an understanding of the current thinking around CSE
  • Be able to identify the types of offenders
  • Be able to describe the different models of abuse
  • Begin to comprehend how big the problem is
  • Understand typical motive of offenders
  • Gain knowledge of offender profiles and mindset
  • Identify typical offender behaviour patterns
  • Recognise warning signs of CSE including grooming
  • Understand who the victims of CSE are and challenge misconceptions about victims of CSE
  • Recognise the common behaviour of victims and the warning signs often presented by victims
  • Identify where CSE can commonly take place
  • Realise the importance of co-operation across agencies
  • Appreciate the diverse nature of CSE warning signs
  • You will be able to identify who is vulnerable online and how children / young people may react to online communications
  • Recognise prevalence of grooming online and identify red flags
  • Differentiate between gangs and groups and how they participate in CSE
  • Distinguish the common types of abuse that happen within gang and group environments
  • Understand and share the guidelines that have been established to help combat CSE in groups


  • What is Child Sexual Exploitation?
  • Offender Behaviour
  • The Victims of Child Sexual Exploitation
  • The Warning Signs of Child Sexual Exploitation
  • Child Sexual Exploitation and the Role of the Internet and Social Media
  • Child Sexual Exploitation in Gangs and Groups


The course is aimed at anyone who works with or has contact with children.