Child Sexual Exploitation (Level 1 and 2)

Child Sexual Exploitation (Level 1 and 2)
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Child sexual exploitation (CSE) comes in many forms, whether undertaken by individuals, gangs or groups. The perpetrators often using the internet as a medium for grooming. Working as a frontline employee can mean facing many difficult situations and making some tough decisions.

This e-learning safeguarding course bundle is perfect for anyone working with children who needs to access child protection training online or who wants to brush up on their safeguarding e-learning skills.

This course combines Level 1 and Level 2 Child Sexual Exploitation e-learning into one cost-effective bundle.

In the Child Sexual Exploitation (Level 1) element of this bundle, you?ll take a look at what child sexual exploitation actually means as well as learn about typical offender behaviour and get a clear picture of the impact on victims of CSE.

After building an understanding of the offence and who the offenders are you?ll learn how to spot the warning signs of child sexual exploitation.

Following on from this, the Level 2 element will look at the legislation in place to deal with CSE and develop an awareness of support available to victims of child sexual exploitation.

Containing additional resource materials, useful links and up-to-date refresher guides, this course will give you the confidence to assess, intervene and fulfil your responsibilities for safeguarding children and keeping them safe from sexual exploitation. You can even try and demo to ensure the course meets your requirements.


This online Child Sexual Exploitation course bundle is aimed at all professionals who have a duty and desire to safeguard and promote the welfare of children and young people (this includes social workers, police officers, teachers, family support workers, health professionals and people wishing to move into these areas). It?s also ideal for foster parents or anyone wishing to become one.


Topics included in the course include current attitudes to child sexual exploitation, how to identify offender types and behaviours, models of abuse, the grooming process, how to recognise the clues to inappropriate intentions, understanding offender motives, common misconceptions, underrepresented groups and issues around consent and criminalisation.

The course also covers the impact of CSE on the child and their family, what?s involved in grooming and identifying risky behaviours. Also covered is work around what children do online, key internet acronyms and the differences between multiple and single perpetrators. Additionally, you?ll learn about intervention strategies and the OCC framework in place to prevent and deal with CSE.


  • What is Child Sexual Exploitation?
  • Offender Behaviour
  • The Victims of Child Sexual Exploitation
  • The Warning Signs of Child Sexual Exploitation
  • Child Sexual Exploitation and the Role of the Internet and Social Media
  • Child Sexual Exploitation in Gangs and Groups
  • The Law and Victim Support
  • Risk Assessment and Intervention
  • Roles and Responsibilities