LGBTQ+ Awareness

LGBTQ+ Awareness
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Equality for LGBTQ+ people has been a continuous journey for centuries, and action has only recently been taken over the last few decades towards equal rights and treatment in the UK. We all play a part in getting our society to full equality through knowledge, understanding and action. This course will help you to gain a better awareness of these communities and their history, the challenges and issues faced today, and what you can do to help.


This course is for anyone who would benefit from becoming more aware of the LGBTQ+ community – whether you’re a teacher, service provider, parent, student, employer, or a member of your community.


  • Understand the meaning of LGBTQ+
  • Understand the history of the communities and the challenges faced
  • Understand the correct terminology to use
  • Understand the legislation and law affecting LGBTQ+ rights
  • Understand the differences between discrimination, harassment, bullying and prejudice under law
  • Know the importance of creating an inclusive workplace and how to do so
  • Understand the importance of LGBTQ+ matters being in school curriculums
  • Know how to help by becoming an Ally