Risk Assessment in the Workplace

Risk Assessment in the Workplace
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A risk assessment is a key part of understanding Health & Safety challenges in the workplace; and conducting one is also essential for demonstrating a commitment to compliance with Health & Safety law. It doesn't have to be complicated, but a disciplined approach will make it much easier to conduct your assessment. It will also ensure that the results are effective and relevant, promoting safety and wellbeing in your workplace.


There's no formal definition for the person who conducts a risk assessment - it's something that outside of highly regulated environments, anyone can be asked to do. This course has therefore been designed to be ideal primarily for anyone who finds themselves asked to conduct a risk assessment – something which in most companies will happen on an annual basis.

It's also perfect for managers or facilities specialists who commission these risk assessments from other staff; as it will give them a complete understanding of the risk landscape.


In this course, you'll discover:

  • What a risk assessment is and what it should achieve
  • Typical challenges to look out for
  • The types of hazards you’ll find in the workplace, and how to identify them
  • Who can be at risk, and how different groups of people are at different degrees of risk
  • How to assess and quantify risk
  • Controls and how they work
  • How to record your findings
  • Revisiting your assessment for constant improvement

Topics covered in this course include:

risk assessments | hazards | controls | the control hierarchy | workplace safety | occupational safety | physical hazards | biological hazards | chemical hazards | environmental hazards | harms | risk groups