Safeguarding Adults (Level 2)

Safeguarding Adults (Level 2)
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Safeguarding can feel like a complex and difficult subject but at its core is a positive and consistent commitment to wellbeing. In this module we will delve deeper into the duties and responsibilities as well as tackle the topics of consent and enquiries - all with the aim of helping to keep adults safe.


After completing this course, you will be able to:

  • Recall which agencies are responsible for safeguarding adults 
  • Apply the six principles of safeguarding adults 
  • Explain the duties under the Care Act 2014 for local authorities, the police and the NHS
  • Appreciate the importance of sharing information to prevent abuse and neglect 
  • Discuss issues of consent and information sharing
  • Know the purpose of an enquiry and who can carry out an enquiry and what happens after


  • Safeguarding duties and responsibilities
  • Information sharing and consent
  • Making safeguarding enquires